iPad Air and iPad Pro Screen Repair

iPad Air and iPhone Repair in Orange County

As this blog has pointed out for many years, there are many things to consider when deciding to go with an iPad Repair or iPad Screen Repair company.  For those in Orange County looking for quality iPad repairs, there has been a great choice for a long time!  You have several choices and we are here to help you make the best choice for an iPad Air Screen Repair.  In a nutshell, we suggest an amazing company in Irvine California called RepairZoom iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, and Mac Repair.  They are quite simply, the best.

Apple, based in Cupertino is the maker of the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and many other devices loved worldwide.  But when it comes to the fragile nature of these device, we have still not found a way to avoid iPhone and iPad Screen repair costs.  So, what to do if your iPad Air or iPad Pro needs a screen repair.  First, check in with Apple.  There is one located near us in Mission Viejo and we actually have five (5) Apple Stores in Orange County.  They do offer repairs and they are exceptionally high quality iPad Air Screen repairs.

iPad in Education

iPad in Education

However, if you like to shop from small entrepreneurial companies, you might want to try a smaller company like RepairZoom in Irvine California.  They have over 400 5-Star yelp reviews and are truly a loved company by their customers.  Even many third party bloggers have taken notice of this Apple Repair Company serving customers in Irvine, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, and the Laguna Beach area.

If you need an iPhone Screen Repair or an iPad Air or iPad Pro Screen repair, we strongly recommend this company.  They even do Bulk iPad Repair and iPad Repair for Schools located in Orange County and across the country.  You can’t go wrong with RepairZoom.

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Mastering iPad Screen repair

iPad Screen Repair

The Apple iPad is a “magical” device.  Introduced just a few years ago, it has come to dominate the tablet market with many reports indicating that Apple owns 90% of the thin tablet market.  That will change some day… but round one of this important consumer electronic fight is a knock out win for the Apple iPad.

The product is designed with crystal clear glass and aluminum.  The Apple software designed operating system enables connection to iTunes which enables downloadable Applications.  These are the heart of the iPad strategy — let other designers create the Applications.

Unfortunately, the iPad does have one serious flaw.  The screens crack.  This article will share my story of how I became an expert in iPad screen repair after mine dropped on the concrete.  Maybe after you read this, you will be too.

The iPad Design

The most striking feature of the iPad and iPad 2 is the bright LCD-screen which, like a HD television, creates very high resolution images.  The LCD pixel density was recently improved significantly for the “new” iPad 3.  Apple calls this the Retina Display and if you have ever seen it, it’s incredible.

With the iPad centered around interactivity, Apple pioneered touch screen “gesture” software that is enabled by a glass “digitizer” screen covering the entire surface of the iPad and iPad 2.  Games, movies, chat, email… it’s all enabled by the iPad digitizer.  So if this breaks, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

How the iPad Glass Breaks

People take their iPads with them everywhere.  Many do NOT keep them covered in safe and protective cases either.  So, when they drop, they break.  The iPad glass and metal has no shock absorbing properties.  So if it is not covered in a case, and hit hits the ground it can very easily crack the glass screen of the iPad.

It is no surprise that iPad users like to take their iPads with them everywhere.  They work as mobile computers, cameras, boom-boxes, and movie players.  They are the hottest item you see while traveling on airplanes too.  Don’t they make travel more fun?

So if your iPad screen is broken, it needs to be fixed.  First, be very careful with the shards of cracked and shattered glass.  You can very easily cut yourself on any of the layers of screens.  Note:  The iPad is made up of three layers of screens.  The top glass, the digitizers (glued the the glass) and then the LCD (sits below everything and creates the iPad images).  All three layers can be replaced by a skilled iPad repair company.

How to fix a broken iPad screen

The iPad AppleCare warranty covers one year of iPad hardware repair.  All iPads come with this protection.  However, the AppleCare plan does cover iPad screen replacement or repair for accidental damage.  You must have AppleCare+ to get this coverage, and this comes with an additional fee you must pay when you purchase the iPad.  If you don’t get AppleCare+ at the time of purchase, you are out of luck.  In addition, even if you purchase this extended and enhanced plan, your coverage will end after 2 years.

I did not have coverage for my iPad damage and I needed an iPad screen repair.  The good news was that I discovered some very inexpensive options that had quality as good as Apple for the repairs.  I looked on Google first and found many websites and videos that suggested that I could do the iPad repair myself.  That was not for me as many sites warned this is a very difficult repair and you could easily destroy your iPad.

So I searched for full service iPad screen repair options.  I found RepairZoom, a mail order Internet provider of iPad repairs.  This company had the best online reputation on Yelp! and Google+ and Citysearch.  They had the fastest turnaround time too – one day!  I loved their website, which answered all my questions, including information about their unbeatable warranty.  But the best part was the overall price and value, which included free shipping.

So I sent off my iPad and waited.  And, thankfully, in just 4 days I had it back and it looked like a new iPad again!  They really did an amazing job on my iPad screen repair.

iPad Screen Repair

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